Bass Coast #4 (Season II) by Rossella Blinded


December didn’t only bring about Christmas…it brought some special interviews too!

First up is LUMBERJVCK, recorded just before his breathtaking show at Avalon Hollywood at Control LA (i told you about this amazing venue a lot, so you should know what it is by now ;) )

This night was #lit, totally different from the rest, 100% dubstep. In Italy a solely-dubstep-night would be now considered something out-of-fashion, whereas here in LA it is always fresh, and has the power to keep surprising and connecting people.
We talked about his future projects, his new releases (one even with 12th Planet!) and about how he started his career as a dj and producer!

I made a mix with LUMBERJVCK‘s latest tracks including “Lost in The Ticket” which i have presented to you in the first Bass Coast episode of this season as one of the best dubstep tracks of 2015. You can find the track list and the podcast below and you can also watch a video of the show on my instagram profile @rossellablinded.

And this is not all. I’ve had the fortune to see one of the best visual shows ever, i’m speaking about Figure‘s show, for the promotional tour of his last album “Gravity”, go see a little video I posted on my Twitter profile @RossellaBlidned

The second interview is with Christina Boemio e Gali Firstenberg, two of the members of the Nap Girls collective, recorded at the Christmas Charity Party “Hella Lit Xmas” organized by Buygore and by the collective itself.
We had a chat about many topics, and they told me how Nap Girls is involved in organizing electronic and bass music events, charity events, promoting gender equality and much much more…

Hella Lit Xmas was lit particularly for 2 reasons: an unexpected (and obviously heart-stopping) b2b between Borgore, Skrillex & 12th Planet,  and most importantly because thanks to this sold-out event, organizers collected more than 650 toys and more than 1200 $ in cash to be donated to the Los Angeles Children Hospital. You can also watch a video of the show on my instagram profile @rossellablinded.

And here you can find the interview with Vice City that has even prepared a Guest Mix for us. Vice City is a duo from United States that only over last year released two eps for Buygore and one remix of the track Aftershot by Boombox Cartel and of NGHTMRE for the Mad Decent contest they won!

2015 has been a huge year for you. Is there something that striked you or surprized you, something unexpected? 

Yes it’s been an interesting year, the thing that striked us is that we were lucky enough to win a contest for Mad Decent and get to play at Snowglobe Festival.

I’ve started listening to your music last year but two months ago I have been striked by Addiction, one of the song of Lights, your last ep released for Buygore.

How did you start to collaborate and release for Borgore’s label? 

We started releasing my music there after many years of demo submitting, they finally gave me a shot and I’m grateful for that! We have lots of unrleased tracks coming out there in 2016!

Can you reveal us your future collaborations?

They are with Nitro Fun, DatPhoria, BLVK SHEEP, & Maliboux.

Do you always work in a professional recording studio or do you also produce at home or in the hotel rooms with a laptop and headphones? 

Sometimes when we are so inspired we tend work everywhere and even big studios, but most of the time we make all my records in my room with my laptop and headphones.

How and when did you start producing and djing?

We started making music with Fl Studio long time ago! We would say its been like 7 years already but we moved from FL Studio to Ableton Live around 6 years ago. Djing we barely started a couple of months since we have been doing show now and then.

What are the main things you’d say you’ve learned being in the game over the years?

We would say we have learned a lot of things from friends mainly and record labels! Not too long ago that we learned how to mix my music properly and thats because of Play Me Records who sent us a file for pre-mixed instructions asking for -6DB tracks! haha and also one of our biggest skills that we have learned this past 5 months is FM8, a wonderful plugin by Native Instruments.

What’s the latest trend in Bass music that you’ve noticed taking shape?

We would say the Future House style, it’s been going on for a few and it’s rising like a rocket! Cant wait to try something like this!

What is your advice / your tips for young dj/producers that want to start a career in the Bass music scene?

My biggest advice is to make music everyday, experiment with different tools, drums, samples, etc. If you want to succeed as hard as you want to breath, then thats when you will succeed!

What are your future projects? And.. Are you going to play in Europe? We can’t wait to welcome you!

Our future projects contain a lot of dubstep and a mixture of trap! We have been really fan of the hard sounds and heavy drops for a long time! Hopefully we get the chance to travel to Europe.. Cant wait to kick it with yall!!


E con dicembre non è arrivato solo il Natale ma anche 3 interviste speciali..

La prima con LUMBERJVCK in occasione del suo show all’Avalon Hollywood al Control LA di cui abbiamo parlato tantissime altre volte!

E’ stata una serata diverse da tutte, 100% dubstep, e se tutto ciò in Italia può risultare vecchio e obsoleto, qui ad LA è sempre qualcosa di molto richiesto, che stupisce e unisce.

Ho realizzato un mix con alcune delle sue ultime tracce, tra cui uno degli ultimi singoli Lost in The Ticket, che vi avevo presentato nella prima puntata di questa stagione di Bass Coast come uno dei migliori singoli dubstep del 2015.

Ma non solo, ho potuto assistere ad uno dei migliori live visual show di sempre, quello di Figure in occasione del tour promozionale di Gravity, suo ultimo album, trovate un breve video sul mio profilo twitter @rossellablinded.

La seconda intervista è stata con Christina Boemio e Gali Firstenberg, due delle ragazze del collettivo Nap Girls, in occasione del party di beneficenza di Natale “Hella Lit Xmas” organizzato da loro e dalla Buygore. Ho parlato con loro a proposito di Nap Girls che si occupa di promuovere l’eguaglianza tra uomo e donna in campo musicale e organizzare party di beneficenza all’interno dell’ambiente Bass e di musica elettronica. L’evento, in cui c’è stato un b2b a sorpresa tra Borgore, Skrillex e 12th Planet, è stato sold out e il collettivo ha raccolto più di 650 giocattoli e più di 1200$ in contanti che sono stati dati in donazione all’ospedale pediatrico di Los Angeles. Potete anche vedere un video dello show sul mio profilo instagram @rossellablinded.

E qui trovate anche l’intervista ai Vice City che hanno realizzato anche un Guest mix per noi. I Vice City sono un duo americano che solo lo scorso anno ha rilasciato due ep su Buygore e un remix per Boombox Cartel e NGHTMRE per il contest di Mad Decent di cui sono stati vincitori!



LUMBERJVCK 10″ MIX BY Rossella Blinded
LUMBERJVCK / Lost In The Ticket (Feat. LVNKY)
12th Planet X Tha Trickaz / Bless That Feat. Armanni Reign (LUMBERJVCK remix)
Le Castle Vania X LUMBERJVCK – Carry On (Feat. Mariana Bell)

Follow him and download his tracks

Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank / Shades of Grey (Ft. Delaney Jane) (VICE CITY Remix) (Spinnin Records)
Vice City / Turbulence [Unreleased]
Vice City / Werk It! (M Money Remix) [Unreleased]
Vice City / Werk It! [Unreleased]
Vice City / Insomnia [Unreleased]
Vice City / Return Of Saturn (feat. Benjamin Bobby) [Unreleased]
Vice City X M Money / ID /Shots Fired Mashup
Foreign Beggars / Still Getting It (feat. Skrillex) [Never Say Die Records]
Vice City / Savage Mind (Original Mix) [Play Me Records]
Alvin Risk / Skyclad (Skrillex Bootleg) [Unreleased]
LAXX / Step Two (El3phant Man Remix) [Never Say Die Records]
Freiheit / Body N Soul (Prod: VICE CITY) [Dirty Duck Audio]
Eptic & MUST DIE! / Z [Never Say Die Records]
Eptic / Space Cats [Never Say Die Records]
Freiheit & SON!X / The Secret ft.Ashley Apollodor (Prod VICE CITY) [Dirty Duck Audio]
Vice City / Evolve [Forthcoming Buygore]
Silento / Watch Me (Bad Royale Remix)
Vice City / Unison (feat. iLL MINDED) [Unreleased]



Lumberjvck @ Avalon Hollywood © Sean Moore

Lumberjvck @ Avalon Hollywood © Sean Moore

Napping w/ Nap Girls

Napping w/ Nap Girls


Toys collected at Hella Lit Christmas

Toys collected at Hella Lit Christmas

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